Using Yoga to Recover From Trauma and Addiction

Not everyone experiences addiction in that same manner and not every addict responds equally to a specific rehabilitation program. The effectiveness of a program is not determined by whether or not it is perfect for everyone. The most effective are usually those that are flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. An example of a new addition to rehabilitation programs is the inclusion of physical exercise. For many addicts choosing yoga as their method of exercise has proven to be the most beneficial for them.

Achieve Healthy Stimulation

Drug use causes the release of dopamine that helps the body to feel good. The meditative process of yoga also helps to release this brain chemical and rewards the body in the same way. Learning to create this feeling naturally helps addicts to break their dependence on drugs for this type of stimulation.

Detoxify Even Faster

One of the most difficult phases of rehab is when the body begins to detox. All exercise speeds up this necessary process but yoga boosts the detox phase even more. The twisting and compressing of the body during yoga poses helps to release fluids from the body and activates the digestive system. This helps the participant to begin feeling better sooner and reduces the helplessness and desire to quit that some experience when they detox.

Learn to Listen

Yoga teaches people to listen to their bodies and control all of their movements. Not only will doing this type of exercise help to reduce stress it teaches people to learn more about who they are and what their body needs. Addicts often feel out of control and the simple act of blocking out everything as they hold a pose and concentrate on their breathing can help them to slowly regain their composure and control over themselves.

Rehabilitation centers like the holistic sanctuary are using yoga, massage and organic diet plans to aid in recovery. Their center is a new generation of rehab facility that is not only for recovering addicts but for anyone that needs help. People with depression or PTSD or other concerns that are preventing them from feeling healthy and in control of their lives can benefit from this experience as much as a recovering addict.