What Should Homeowners Know About Denver Mold Removal?

While mold is present almost everywhere and does not cause any undue health issues, mold can begin to grow uncontrollably, leading to serious health concerns in some individuals. When mold is present in a home, it is vital the homeowners seek the professionals for Denver mold removal. Mold needs to be removed in a very precise way so as to avoid increased health risks. With this information, homeowners can learn more about the process of mold remediation so they can be prepared.

Mold exposure can cause a range of symptoms, including allergy symptoms, asthma attacks and breathing difficulty, eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, and fatigue. In rare cases, exposure to the mycotoxins released by mold can lead to death. The elderly, children and those with asthma and allergies are at the highest risk of developing complications due to mold exposure.

Mold needs three things to be able to survive:

  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
  • Food source

Mold most often begins to grow in a home when there is a moisture problem or after a great influx of water which occurs with flooding. Eliminating the moisture source is vital for ensuring the mold will not continue to grow or return once remediation services have been carried out. Before mold remediation services begin, testing is typically carried out to determine what type of mold is present. This is especially important if it is suspected there is toxic mold present.

Removing mold takes a specific approach that is best left to the professionals. Homeowners cannot simply remove the mold with bleach because this does not deactivate the spores so the mold will only return. To remove the mold, the professionals use special fungicides which deactivate the spores and prevent them from becoming airborne so they cannot repopulate in other areas of the home.

If you are a homeowner who sees visible mold growing in your home or who has noticed a musty smell, it is imperative you seek mold remediation services from a professional. Mold exposure can be dangerous so it is vital these services are carried out as soon as the signs of mold are noticed in the home.