Motor Fleet Insurance Protects One’s Business

Anyone who operates any sort of road transportation business has an immediate need for motor fleet insurance. The reasons for this hardly need extensive explanation. The first benefit is to protect the owner(s) from liability for any accidents that may occur during the normal course of operations. While most commercial drivers are careful since their jobs depend upon being so, accidents will happen. The law of probability guarantees this. In such an event, the last thing the business owner needs to deal with, in addition to his own expenses arising from the accident and damage to the vehicle, including downtime, is to have to bear the costs for the accident victim as well. Also, fleet insurance fulfills all legal requirements the business owner has to meet in order to operate.

Now, anyone with more than three vehicles needs fleet protection for one simple reason: flexibility in cost and coverage. A common policy allows the vehicles to be driven by any employee of the business at any time and grants coverage in all potential situations. By placing all company vehicles under one fleet coverage policy with a single renewal date, the business owner not only saves administrative time but can take advantage of certain discounts available to holders of one common policy.

As the business expands and one is able to add more vehicles to one’s fleet, policies can be adjusted to account for the additions. And another advantage then kicks in: lower cost-per-unit for each additional vehicle in the fleet. Also, multiple types of vehicles can be covered under the same policy umbrella. These would include all company cars, delivery vans and lorries, heavy and medium duty trucks, LGVs and HGVs. And the policy can be adjusted to cover any size fleet from five to fifty to five hundred vehicles as the business expands.

With a true “any driver” coverage scheme, company employees of any driving age are also protected under the policy. And additional options such as public liability, goods coverage and roadside assistance can be added to one’s policy at any time. To learn more about the options available, additional info can be found by following the link given and clicking onto each menu option as it appears. Find out how fleet insurance coverage can work to fully protect one’s business and make operations much smoother.