Choosing Mattresses for Different Sleep Styles

A surprising number of people wake up tired each day, even after getting 8 hours of sleep. Mattresses play a huge role in this problem and the problem is not always quality. Sometimes people are just using the wrong mattress for their sleep styles. However, before going from store to store and trying mattresses, it is a good idea for customers to get more info about products that fit their sleep styles.

Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Those who sleep on their stomachs risk back problems if their spines are not supported, so they need firm mattresses. A firm product not only helps prevent back pain, it also can prevent sleepers from wrapping their arms around their pillows and waking up with sore arms. Some good choices include:

  • Loom & Leaf: Customers can choose from relaxed and firm styles
  • Leesa: Manufacturers offer a reasonably priced memory foam mattress with a design that offers ideal support for stomach sleepers.

Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are at risk for injuries and back pain because the side of the body has many curves. A mattress can put tension on hips and shoulders and even lead to knee pain. Softer mattresses are the best choice and memory foam products often serve well. Some options include:

  • Amerisleep Liberty: Products include 3-layer construction that combines softness and support.
  • Helix Sleep: Clients can fill out surveys and the company will create custom mattresses that meet their needs.

Mattresses for Back Sleepers

In general back sleepers enjoy the healthiest and most restful sleep because their spines are well supported and there is no strain on joints. However, aging mattresses will often reverse these benefits because they no longer provide support and actually begin to cause problems. Back sleepers can get the best results by replacing worn out mattresses with medium firm products that include:

  • Leesa: The company’s 3-layer mattress provides back sleepers with the ideal support.
  • Novosbed: Made with 3 layers of foam, the mattress is designed to increase comfort and airflow during sleep.

Many people can improve their sleep quality and overall sense of well being by replacing older mattresses with new ones designed for their sleep styles. A variety of fine manufacturers offer products that are ideal for stomach, side and back sleepers.